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Effect of halothane genotype on growth performance, carcass meat and fat characteristics from three-way cross of Lithuanian indigenous wattle pigs
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Pigs from the cross of critical Lithuanian indigenous wattle x Duroc and Pietrain as terminal heterozygous NP and stress susceptible PP sires were used to study the effect of halothane genotype on the growth performance, carcass, meat and fat characteristics. The piglets containing the PP genotype grew most intensively until 2 months age, but heterozygous pigs grew most intensively until slaughter. There were no genotype differences for the feed consumption, backfat thickness but NP and PP pigs had the shorter carcasses than NN pigs. The meat from the NP genotype contained more protein. The meat also differed significantly in colour, water holding capacity, juiciness, flavour and tenderness. The analytical sensory panel scored highest values for the flavour, tenderness and juiciness of M. longissimus dorsi from the NP genotype. Samples from the PP genotype had the lowest score for these traits. The most obvious differences in fatty acid composition of M. longissimus dorsi were that SFA was significantly higher and MUFA lower in the NP genotype SFA of subcutaneous tissue was highest in the NN genotype compared with NP and PP genotypes.
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Razmaitė, Violeta
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Kiaulininkystė, Kiaulienos gamyba, Riebalų rūgštys, Swine-breeding, Pork industry, Fatty acids, Kiaulės, Skerdiena, Pigs, Carcass, Производство свинины, Жирные кислоты
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