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Effect of endurance training on anabolic and catabolic hormones concentration
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The aim of this study was to compare the serum catabolic and anabolic hormones concentrations in relation to training volume and training intensity during pre-season and competitive season in male road cyclists. Ten subjects (age 23,4 ± 3,56 years, training for 7,2 ± 1,2 years) performed an incremental cycle ergometer exercise tests during the pre-season (PS) and in the competitive season (CS). Blood samples were obtained before and during the exercise protocol for determination hormones concentrations. The relationships between training workload in the pre-season, VO2max, and hormones concentrations were estimated in each test. There were significant differences in VO2max and maximal power output during the incremental cycling exercise in (CS) in relation to (PS) (p<0.05). The training did not significantly alter the resting concentration of serum testosterone and cortisol. In contrast, the exercise testosterone and cortisol concentration were significantly lower in competitive season in relation to pre-season (p<0.05). The results suggest that the hormonal concentration and physiological variables expended during physical exercise differ during the successive training cycles.
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Żebrowska, Aleksandra
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Endurance sports, Training, Physiological aspects, Blood, Hormones, Testosterone, Ištvermės ugdymas (sportas), Fiziologinis aspektas, Kraujas, Hormonai, Testosteronas
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