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Effect of Super-OV hormone on multiple births in Kurdish ewes
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Induction of super-ovulation in ewes requiring the production of multiple ova at a single estrus was used to determine if the commercial follicle-stimulating hormone (Super-OV, Canada) is effective in increasing multiple births in ewes. Thirty-two (32) Kurdish ewes were used for the study during a period of 12 months. Intra-muscular injection of Super-OV into 24 ewes with three different doses 13.12, 26.25 and 52.5 IU in three equal groups of 8 ewes in each group caused 14.28, 33.33 and 62.5 percent twin births respectively. None of the ewes in control group that received no Super-OV hormone had twin birth. According to this result, use of 52.5 IU Super-OV caused twin birth that was statistically significant (P=0.04) and use of low doses (13.12 and 26.25 IU) caused twin birth that was not statistically significant. Keywords: Super-ovulation; ewe; Super-OV; multiple births <i>Animal Production Research Advances </i> Vol. 2 (3) 2006: pp 175-178
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Mohammadian, B; ;, Khezri, M; ;
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Publisher :  Animal Production Research Advances Association of Crop Science, Uganda     Type :  Peer-Reviewed Article,     Format :  -    
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- , Super-ovulation; ewe; Super-OV; multiple births
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Animal Production Research Advances - Animal Production Research Advances; Vol. 2, No. 3 (2006)
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