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The Effect of Soaking and Cooking on the Oligosaccharide Content of Seker a Dry Bean Variety (<I>P. vulgaris, L</I>) Grown in Turkey
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In this research, the effects of cooking alone, soaking-cooking combination on the oligosaccharide contents of a registered dry bean variety, Seker grown in Turkey was studied. Saccharose, raffinose and stachyose contents of the raw material were 3.91, 1.86 and 3.84%, respectively. The highest removing, to the extent of decrease up to, approximately, 70% was achieved by soaking in 0.5 % sodium bicarbonate solution for 18 hour followed by cooking in pressured kettle. These conditions could be recommended to remove undesirable sugar contents of the Seker bean used for culinary purposes.
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I. G. Sat, F. Keles
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Dry beans, oligosaccharides, flatulence, soaking, cooking
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Pakistan Journal of Nutrition
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