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THE Effect of Post Exercise Nutrition on Anabolic Response to Resistance Exercise
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Purpose: To determine the effect of four postexercise beverages, differing in macronutrient content, on metabolic response to an acute resistance exercise bout. Methods: Forty male subjects performed five sets of eight repetitions at 80% 1RM for leg press and leg extension, and then consumed one of four postexercise beverages (Placebo, PL: a carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage, CE; or one of two milk-based beverages, MILK 1: 1% chocolate milk; MILK 2: a high protein milk beverage). Indicators of muscle protein synthesis (MPS) were assessed before and 1-hr after consuming a postexercise beverage. Muscle protein degradation (MPD) was examined the day before and the day of exercise. Results: No significant differences were found among groups in MPS. The resistance exercise bout increased the amount of eIF4Eâ¢eIF4G by 4.5% 1-hr postexercise (p<0.05) without affecting the amount of eIF4Eâ¢4E-BP1. One hour after beverage consumption, serum total amino acid concentration increased for MILK 1 (p=0.003) and MILK 2 (p<0.001) but decreased for CE (p=0.028) and PL (p=0.276). Consumption of MILK 1, MILK 2, and CE significantly increased circulating levels of serum insulin (p<0.001). Serum growth hormone increased 3-fold as a result of the exercise bout but fell to baseline for all groups by 60 min (p<0.001). Conclusion: The resistance exercise bout was anabolic as shown by the increase in the active eIF4Eâ¢eIF4G complex and serum growth hormone. Consumption of MILK 2 led to the most optimal environment for muscle anabolism; however, none of the experimental beverages influenced the measured indicators of muscle protein translation 1-hr after ingestion.
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Bird, Randy Lee
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Ken Webb, PhD, Janet Walberg-Rankin, PhD, Frank Gwazdauskas, PhD
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Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
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