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Eat Me or Die
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During embryonic development, the sculpting of many tissues depends on waves of apoptotic cell death among different cell populations. Unfortunately, at least in higher animals with sophisticated immune systems, dying cells must be engulfed by phagocytes to prevent a massive autoimmune response. In their Perspective, Savill et al. discuss new work (Li et al., Wang et al.) that identifies a key receptor expressed by macrophages, PSR, that is essential for cell corpse engulfment.
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Savill, John, Gregory, Chris, Haslett, Chris
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2004-03-30, 2004-03-30, 2003
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Phosphatidylserine Receptor Is Required for Clearance of Apoptotic Cells , Li et al. Science, Vol 302, Issue 5650, 1560-1563 , 28 November 2003, Cell Corpse Engulfment Mediated by C. elegans Phosphatidylserine Receptor Through CED-5 and CED-12 , Wang et al.Science, Vol 302, Issue 5650, 1563-1566 , 28 November 2003
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