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Distribution and Ecology of the Marine Toad, Bufo marinus, in Papua New Guinea
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Bufo marinus was introduced into the New Guinea region in the late 1930s. Its present distribution in Papua New Guinea is mapped. In the Port Moresby area, the population of Bufo marinus is capable of reproduction at any time of the year. Sampling at a rain forest and a savanna site near Port Moresby showed that the density of savanna toads is 10 times that of rain forest toads but that the rain forest toads are longer and heavier. This size difference probably results from the greater amounts of food and a larger proportion of proteinaceous food in the stomachs of rain forest toads. No native frogs appear to have been displaced by the successful invasion of the toad. Similarly, no native animals have become apparent toad predators. The literature on Bufo marinus ecology is summarized.
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Zug, George R, Lindgren, Eric, Pippet, John R
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2008-03-21, 2008-03-21, 1975-01
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