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Denver, Colorado USA
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Organic solar cells should be an attractive alternative to inorganic solar cells provided efficiency and stability are improved. They have indeed great potential to reduce significantly the cost of photovoltaic (PV) modules. Based on the fundamental processes which permit the transformation of light into electric energy, we can size the reasonably achievable performances: around 10%, as well as the key parameters to control in order to reach such objective. We then present a multiscale approach to the optimization of the PV efficiency. It can indeed been shown that each conversion step of the light energy into electricity involves different interactions which take place at different scales. Using this original approach, we can define all the parameters and steps of the device fabrication which can be improved, as well as the way to improve them. An experimental verification is given, in the case of bilayer cells as well as interpenatrated networkcells madewith small molecules as well as polymers. We currently achieve 3% yields under solar illumination with such devices. 9:50 am: Coffee Break 11:00 am: Nanotechnology for a macroscopic world Nanotechnology for a macroscopic world Nanotechnology for a macroscopic world Nanotechnology for a macroscopic world Nanotechnology for a macroscopic world Neal Shinn, Neal Shinn, Neal Shinn, Neal Shinn, Neal Shinn, Sandia National Lab.
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David L. Begley,Ball Aerospace,Technologies Corp
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David L. Begley,Ball Aerospace,Technologies Corp Denver, Colorado USA
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