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Densities of Apes' Food Trees and Primates in the Petit Loango Researve, Gabon
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Preliminary surveys were conducted to estimate primate densities and forest structure in the Petit Loango Reserve, Gabon. The tropical forest of the Reserve consisted mainly of primary vegetation characterized by poor Marantaceae or Zingiberaceae undergrowth, which are regarded to be important (keystone) foods for apes in other habitats. Despite the absence of such herbs, seven diurnal primate species were found at relatively high densities. In comparison with Lope Reserve in central Gabon, some important food tree species for apes were found at higher densities in Petit Loango Reserve, which may provide suitable habitats for frugivorous primates.
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Publisher :  The Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University     Type :  Departmental Bulletin Paper     Format :  application/pdf    
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2008-11-18, 2008-11-18, 1995-12
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Forest structure, Ape food, Density, Primates, 389.4
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