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Cyclotella polymorpha
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This is the most abundant and common pennate diatom of Lake Kinneret. The species was first described in 1996 based on material from Lake Kinneret, to the best of our knowledge until today is was not reported to occur anywhere else. It appears in many morphotypes, hence its name. It is a small (diameter : 4.5 - 16 um) perti-dish shaped diatom that in some summers reaches concentrations of thousands of cells/mL. It was more abundant in the early 1990s, its abundance has declined in recent years.
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aalster and tzohary
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Alla, Alster
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Cyclotella polymorpha, Bacillariophyta, Centrales
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Copyright: A Alster & T Zohary, Kinneret Limnological Laboratory, IOLR
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Observation of Cyclotella polymorpha:, Related set: Lake Kinneret planktonic life forms description Lake Kinneret, Israel, is a warm monomictic subtropical lake situated at the northern part of the Syrian-African Rift Valley at elevation of -209 m (i.e. below sea level). The lake has a surface area of 170 km2, volume of nearly 4000 million cubic m, mean depth of 24 m and maximum depth of 43 m. It is the only natural freshwater lake in the region and supplies ca. 50% of the drinking water of Israel. The lake is stratified from March-April till December-January, when turnover takes place. Its hypolimnion is anaerobic, with hydrogen sulfide concentrations reaching 8 - 10 mg/L before turnover. The plankton life of Lake Kinneret has been followed regularly since 1969 as part of a routine monitoring program of the lake funded by the Israel Water Commission and conducted by the Kinneret Limnoloigical Laboratory (KLL), Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research, Ltd (IOLR). This program includes physical, chemical and biological variables, among those phytoplankton and zooplankaton identification and counts. Dr. Tamar Zohary is a research scientist at KLL, studying the phytoplankton populations of the lake. Dr. All Alster is a postdoc at KLL, specializing in algal taxonomy. As part of a research grant given as a contribution by the North American Friends of IOLR, it is our goal to put on the internet a picture catalog of the variety of plankton life known from the lake, starting with phytoplankton, our main focus of expertise. The catalog is dedicated to Prof. Utsa Pollingher who introduced us to the magnificent world of Lake Kinneret phytoplankton. This image of Lake Kinneret taken from the KLL shore during strong easterly winds was taken by Gil Ferster, KLL, IOLR.
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A Alster & T Zohary, Kinneret Limnological Laboratory, IOLR
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