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Correlation of anteroposterior sagittal laxity with clinical outcomes in prosthetic knee among Hong Kong Chinese
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(Uncorrected OCR) Abstract As the evolution of the design and kinematics in total knee replacement, the outcome of the operation was satisfactory. However, there is a paucity of literature pertaining the correlation of sagittal anteroposterior laxity with their clinical outcome. The objective of this study was to analyze the sagittal anteroposterior laxity of individual group and their clinical outcomes and to correlate the measurements. Total 40 patients were collected from 2 clinical centers. Patients were divided into 4 different groups. Demographic data, dimensions of respective sagittal laxity and data on their clinical outcomes were collected and analyzed. Difference in total sagittal anteroposterior laxity between the four groups of patients was statistically not significant. Difference in clinical outcomes variables among the three prosthetic systems that we used in our study was also statistically not significant. Both maximum sagittal anterior and posterior displacement showed statistically significant correlation with different clinical outcomes variables respectively. These findings that emphasize the need for attention to-ligamentous tensions at the time of surgery, also indicate the need for appropriate weighting of anteroposterior laxity in the continuing evolution of clinical rating systems.
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Choi, Siu-tong, 蔡兆堂
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Knee - Movements - Testing., Total knee replacement - China - Hong Kong.
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