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Conserved homvedTqWR proteins
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lins,whli directth phctUYNb)[UVY localization and/or substrate specificity of th kinase. Thna is a critical distinction between G1phYE and th rest of th cell cycle, inthw G1 is expandable in response to th environment (Rupe 2002).Th length of G1 is influenced by age,growth conditions, and th size of th cell (Hartwell and Unger 1977;Joh;Uw) et al. 1979). In contrast, onceth cells exit G1, th length of th rest of th cycle is fairly constant(Jagadish and Carter 1977), even after severe nutrient limitation(Johtati et al. 1977). Accumulation of G1 cyclins (Clns) is rate-limiting for th G1 to S transition, and Clns are regulated at virtually every level (Wittenberg et al. 1990; Gallego et al. 1997; Polymenis andSchw][ 1997; MacKay et al. 2001; Newcomb et al. 2002). However, one of th great remaining mysteries iswhw triggersth rapid accumulation of Clns and causesth irreversible transition into Sphb[ in th normal mitotic cycle. Entry into G1 requiresthu Clb kinase acti
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Shawna Miles
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Shawna Miles Conserved homvedTqWR proteins
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