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Clonidine Premedication Before Etomidate-Halothane Anaesthesia in Dogs
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The objective of this study was to evaluate 3 different doses of clonidine as a premedicant in dogs prior to etomidate-halothane anaesthesia. Six healthy dogs were anesthetized. Each dog received intravenously (i.v.) three different preanaesthetic protocols: CL6 (clonidine, 6 μg kg<SUP>-1</SUP> i.v.), CL8 (clonidine, 8 μg kg <SUP>1</SUP> i.v.) or CL10 (clonidine, 10 ?g kg <SUP>1</SUP> i.v.). Anesthesia was induced with etomidate (4±0.8 mg kg<SUP>-1</SUP>) and maintained with halothane. The following variables were studied: Heart Rate (HR), Systolic Arterial Pressure (SAP), Diastolic Arterial Pressure (DAP), Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP), Respiratory Rate (RR), arterial oxygen saturation and end tidal CO<SUB>2</SUB>. Arterial blood pH and arterial blood gas tension (PaO<SUB>2</SUB>, PaCO<SUB>2</SUB>) were measured during anaesthesia. Time to extubation, time to sternal recumbency and time to standing were also recorded. HR and RR decreased significantly during sedation in all treatments. CL6 and CL8 decreased significantly the arterial pressures after sedation but remained stable during the anaesthetic period. Respiratory variables during anaesthesia were statistically similar in all treatments. Halothane requirements were similar for CL6, CL8 and CL10. The combination of clonidine, etomidate and halothane appears to be effective for induction and maintenance of general anaesthesia in healthy dogs.
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Rafael DeRossi, Joana Z. Ferreira, Ariane P. Benites, Larissa C. Hermeto, Joao M., Negrini Neto
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Clonidine, etomidate, halothane, anaesthesia, dogs, premedication
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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances
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