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Clinical profile of psoriatic arthropathy
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Thirty patients of psoriatic arthritis were examined for, elucidation of Epidemiological aspects and clinical variation of this disease. Mill′s and Wright criteria for the diagnosis of was applied. Arthritis antedated psoriasis of skin in 13.3% and the onset was acute in .36.7%. The types of arthritis observed were polyarticular in 33.3% mixed in 2D%, oligoarthritis in 16.7%, DIP in 13.3%, sacroilitis ′in 10% and arthritis mutilans in 6.7%. The joints found to be most frequently involved were proximal ′interphalangeal (66.6%) and distal interphalangeal joints (65%) of I the hands. No distinct pattern of dermal psoriasis in psoriatic arthritis was observed., Nail changes were observed in 76.60/c of patients. No other eye changes except blepharitis was seen in two (7%) patients.HLA-A and HLA-B phenotyping was done in 16 patients, among them 12 patients had peripheral type of psoriatic arthritis HIA-A 1 B 17 and B 27 were present in 6 (20%),9 (30%) and 2 (7%) patients respectively.
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Chaudhary SP, Singh Trilochan, Kaur Inderjeet, Suri Sudha, Sehgal Shobha, Kaur Surrinder
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Psoriatic arthropathv, Psoriasis and HLA phenotyping.
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Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology
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