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Cleptobiosis in the ant Ectatomma ruidum in Nicaragua
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Observations of the ponerine ant Ectatomma ruidum suggested that this is a cleptobiotic species which appears to use the pheromone trails of other ant species to locate individual workers carrying food. To test this hypothesis an arena was set up to quantify the position of each E. ruidum that entered the arena with respect to its position on or off a well-established foraging trail of Pheidole radoszkowskii , a myrmicine. Encounters between E. ruidum and P. radoszkowskii are described. Quantitative data and behavioral observations support the cleptobiosis hypothesis. This study adds yet another dimension to the diverse array of foraging strategies of the Ponerinae., Peer Reviewed,
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Vandermeer, John H., Perfecto, Ivette
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School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan, 48109-1115, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, Department of Biology, University of Michigan, 48109, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, Ann Arbor
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2006-09-11, 2006-09-11, 1993/09
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foraging behavior, Zoology, cleptobiosis, Life Sciences, Ectatomma ruidum, Pheidole radoszkowskii, food robbing, pheromone trails, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Science
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