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Chemotaxis Movement and Attachment of <I>Agrobacterium tumefaciens</I> to Banana Tissues
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An early step in the <I>Agrobacterium</I>-mediated transformation of banana was investigated in the plant-bacterium interaction. Chemotaxis of <I>Agrobacterium tumefaciens</I> strains (EHA 101 and LBA 4404) towards wounded banana tissues has been studied using swarm agar plates. The results obtained indicate a minor role of chemotaxis in determining host specificity and suggest that it could not be responsible for the absence of tumorigenesis in banana under natural conditions. The spectrometric GUS and GFP assays provide information on the amount of inoculated <I>Agrobacterium tumefaciens</I> that effectively bound to banana explants. It can be concluded that <I>Agrobacterium</I> is able to attach specifically to different types of banana cells, which establishes the basic for a possible <I>Agrobacterium</I>-mediated transformation of banana cells.
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S. Sreeramanan, M. Maziah, N.M. Rosli, M. Sariah, R. Xavier
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Agrobacterium tumefaciens, chemotaxis, bacterial attachment, tissue culture
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