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Chemical composition and biological studies of the essential oil of <i>Thymus decussatus</i> benth growing in Egypt.
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The essential oil of Thymus decussatus Benth herb growing in Egypt was prepared by hydro distillation of the dried herb and analyzed by GC/ MS. It revealed the presence of 12 peaks, which were identified. The major component of the essential oil was thymol 94.14% w/w from the total (3%w/w). The essential oil showed strong anti microbial against the selected microorganisms. The cytotoxic activity against Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cell (EAC) as well as two human cancer cell – lines (U251: brain- tumor and Hepg 2: Liver carcinoma cell –lines) was tested and significant results were obtained. <i>Egyptian Journal of Biomedical Sciences</i> Vol. 23 (1) 2007: pp. 146-153
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El-Hela, A A; ;
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Egyptian Journal of Biomedical Sciences - Egyptian Journal of Biomedical Sciences; Vol. 23 (2007)
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