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Cerebral malaria caused by <i> Plasmodium vivax</i> in adult subjects
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Cerebral malaria is a diffuse encephalopathy associated with seizures and status epilepticus which can occur in up to one-third of patients with severe malaria, particularly that caused by <i>Plasmodium falciparum</i>. In this article, we report three cases of <i> Plasmodium vivax</i> malaria (all adult male patients) complicated by seizures and symptoms of diffuse meningoencephalitis. Two patients had predominantly meningeal signs, while in the third patient the features were purely of encephalitis All cases were treated with artesunate. Usually, cerebral malaria is caused by <i> P. falciparum,</i> and rarely, cerebral malaria is a presenting complication or occurs during the course of <i> P. vivax</i> infection.
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Sarkar Suman, Bhattacharya Prithwis
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Cerebral malaria, meningoencephalitis, <i>Plasmodium vivax</i>
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Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine
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