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Case Reports- Leucocytoclastic vasculitis as a presentation of adenocarcinoma rectum
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Vasculitis has been linked to several processes, like infections, drugs and allergic, rheumatologic and neoplastic diseases. Neoplasm-associated vasculitis described in the medical literature has mostly been reported in association with haemotological neoplasms. Adenocarcinoma of rectum presenting as leucocytoclastic vasculitis is rare. We present a case of a 43-year-old male with paraneoplastic leucocytoclastic vasculitis preceding the manifestation of adenocarcinoma rectum. The vasculitis subsided on resection of the rectal malignancy and the patient did not require steroid therapy thereafter.
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Gogia A, Kakar A, Bhalla S, Byotra SP
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Leucocytoclastic vasculitis, Adenocarcinoma rectum
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Journal of Postgraduate Medicine (ISSN: 0022-3859) Vol 51 Num 3
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Copyright 2005 Journal of Postgraduate Medicine.
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