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Case Report - Spontaneous scrotal faecal fistula in a neonate: report of a case
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A 21 day old boy with spontaneous scrotal faecal fistula following a neglected strangulated right inguinal hernia is reported. He had necrotizing fasciitis of the right scrotum with sparing of the testis. He successfully had debridement, herniotomy and bowel resection with end-to-end anastomosis. This is a rare occurrence in infants and seems to result from late presentation. Health education coupled with early referral and prompt repair of inguinal hernia in neonates and infants would reduce this complication.
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L. B. Chirdan, A. F. Uba, D. Iya and N. K. Dakum
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Scrotum, faecal fistula, neonate, herniotomy
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Origin of publication: Nigeria
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Nigerian Journal of Surgical Research (ISSN: 1595-1103) Vol 6 Num 1-2
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Copyright 2004 - Nigerian Journal of Surgical Research
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