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Case Report - Intussusception in pregnancy: report of a case
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A 35 year old Gravida 10 Para 8+1 (7 alive) presented with three months amenorrhoea and acute onset of abdominal pain with vomiting and constipation. Clinical and sonological evaluations were supportive of an intussusception occurring in a first trimester twin pregnancy. She was resuscitated and had ileal resection with end to end anastomosis. She subsequently had home delivery at term with resultant perinatal death of the second twin and severe anaemia. As intestinal obstruction is a rare but serious event in pregnancy, the importance of high index of suspicion in the evaluation of abdominal pain in pregnancy is emphasised. The usefulness of ultrasound in the early diagnosis of intussusception in pregnancy is discussed.
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M. A. Abdul, L. M. D. Yusufu and D. Haggai
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Publisher :  Surgical Sciences Research Society, Zaria and Association of Surgeons of Nigeria     Type :  AA     Format :  html    
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Intussusception, pregnancy, diagnosis, ultrasonography
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Origin of publication: Nigeria
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Nigerian Journal of Surgical Research (ISSN: 1595-1103) Vol 6 Num 1-2
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Copyright 2004 - Nigerian Journal of Surgical Research
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