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Case Report - Hepatic myelopathy: A rare complication following extrahepatic portal vein occlusion and lienorenal shunt
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A 19-year-old gentleman presented with slowly progressive spastic paraparesis, 2 years after the therapeutic lienorenal shunt for portal hypertension secondary to cirrhosis and portal vein occlusion. After 2 years of initial evaluation, the motor functions had not worsened further. He did not have any obvious clinical or EEG features of hepatic encephalopathy. Other causes for myelopathy were ruled out. Contribution of portal vein occlusion to portosystemic shunting has not been reported previously in patients with ′hepatic myelopathy.′ This uncommon complication needs to be considered in patients with shunt surgery for relieving portal hypertension.
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Panicker J, Sinha S, Taly A B, Ravishankar S, Arunodaya G R
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Hepatic myelopathy, lienorenal shunt, portal vein occlusion
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Neurology India (ISSN: 0028-3886) Vol 54 Num 3
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