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Benign renal schwannoma: A case report and literature review.
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Schwannomas are tumors arising from cells of the nerve sheath. While schwannomas are commonly found in peripheral nerves and cranial nerves, these tumors are rarely found within the kidney and may be difficult to differentiate from renal cell carcinoma. Few cases have been reported in the literature, and even less has been described regarding the imaging appearance of these rare renal tumors. We present a case of intrarenal schwannoma with sonographic, computed tomographic, and pathologic correlation.
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Heidi R. Umphrey; University of Alabama at Birmingham, Mark E. Lockhart; University of Alabama at Birmingham, Philip J. Kenney; University of Alabama at Birmingham
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Medicine, urology, radiology, renal tumor, schwannoma, renal schwannoma
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Radiology Case Reports; Vol 2, No 2 (2007); 52 - 55
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