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A halogenophilic pathway in the reactions of transition metal carbonyl anions with [(η(6)-iodobenzene)Cr(CO)3].
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The paper provides the first example of formal nucleophilic substitution by the halogenophilic pathway in Cr(CO)3 complexes of haloarenes with metal carbonyl anions. All metal carbonyl anions examined attack [(η(6)-iodobenzene)Cr(CO)3] at halogen, which is shown by aryl carbanion scavenging with t-BuOH. The reaction with K[CpFe(CO)2] gives only the dehalogenated arene, but the reaction with K[Cp*Fe(CO)2] (Cp* = η(5)-C5Me5) results in nucleophilic substitution to give [(η(6)-C6H5FeCp*(CO)2)Cr(CO)3]. Reaction with Na[Re(CO)5] quantitatively gives the iodo(acyl)rhenate anion Na[(η(6)-C6H5C(O)ReI(CO)4)Cr(CO)3] and in the case of K[Mn(CO)5] a mixture of σ-aryl complexes [(η(6)-C6H5Mn(CO)5)Cr(CO)3] and K[(η(6)-C6H5Mn(CO)4I)Cr(CO)3]. An analogous rhenium complex Na[(η(6)-C6H5Re(CO)4I)Cr(CO)3] is formed from the initial iodo(acyl)rhenate upon prolonged standing at 20 °C, and its structure (in the form of [NEt4](+) salt) is established by X-ray diffraction analysis. The reaction of [(η(6)-chlorobenzene)Cr(CO)3] with K[CpFe(CO)2], in contrast, proceeds by the common SN2Ar mechanism.
Petr K Sazonov; Vasiliy A Ivushkin; Victor N Khrustalev; Natal'ya G Kolotyrkina; Irina P Beletskaya
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Title:  Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003)     Volume:  -     ISSN:  1477-9234     ISO Abbreviation:  Dalton Trans     Publication Date:  2014 Jul 
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