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The genome of the mesopolyploid crop species Brassica rapa.
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We report the annotation and analysis of the draft genome sequence of Brassica rapa accession Chiifu-401-42, a Chinese cabbage. We modeled 41,174 protein coding genes in the B. rapa genome, which has undergone genome triplication. We used Arabidopsis thaliana as an outgroup for investigating the consequences of genome triplication, such as structural and functional evolution. The extent of gene loss (fractionation) among triplicated genome segments varies, with one of the three copies consistently retaining a disproportionately large fraction of the genes expected to have been present in its ancestor. Variation in the number of members of gene families present in the genome may contribute to the remarkable morphological plasticity of Brassica species. The B. rapa genome sequence provides an important resource for studying the evolution of polyploid genomes and underpins the genetic improvement of Brassica oil and vegetable crops.
; Xiaowu Wang; Hanzhong Wang; Jun Wang; Rifei Sun; Jian Wu; Shengyi Liu; Yinqi Bai; Jeong-Hwan Mun; Ian Bancroft; Feng Cheng; Sanwen Huang; Xixiang Li; Wei Hua; Junyi Wang; Xiyin Wang; Michael Freeling; J Chris Pires; Andrew H Paterson; Boulos Chalhoub; Bo Wang; Alice Hayward; Andrew G Sharpe; Beom-Seok Park; Bernd Weisshaar; Binghang Liu; Bo Li; Bo Liu; Chaobo Tong; Chi Song; Christopher Duran; Chunfang Peng; Chunyu Geng; Chushin Koh; Chuyu Lin; David Edwards; Desheng Mu; Di Shen; Eleni Soumpourou; Fei Li; Fiona Fraser; Gavin Conant; Gilles Lassalle; Graham J King; Guusje Bonnema; Haibao Tang; Haiping Wang; Harry Belcram; Heling Zhou; Hideki Hirakawa; Hiroshi Abe; Hui Guo; Hui Wang; Huizhe Jin; Isobel A P Parkin; Jacqueline Batley; Jeong-Sun Kim; Jérémy Just; Jianwen Li; Jiaohui Xu; Jie Deng; Jin A Kim; Jingping Li; Jingyin Yu; Jinling Meng; Jinpeng Wang; Jiumeng Min; Julie Poulain; Jun Wang; Katsunori Hatakeyama; Kui Wu; Li Wang; Lu Fang; Martin Trick; Matthew G Links; Meixia Zhao; Mina Jin; Nirala Ramchiary; Nizar Drou; Paul J Berkman; Qingle Cai; Quanfei Huang; Ruiqiang Li; Satoshi Tabata; Shifeng Cheng; Shu Zhang; Shujiang Zhang; Shunmou Huang; Shusei Sato; Silong Sun; Soo-Jin Kwon; Su-Ryun Choi; Tae-Ho Lee; Wei Fan; Xiang Zhao; Xu Tan; Xun Xu; Yan Wang; Yang Qiu; Ye Yin; Yingrui Li; Yongchen Du; Yongcui Liao; Yongpyo Lim; Yoshihiro Narusaka; Yupeng Wang; Zhenyi Wang; Zhenyu Li; Zhiwen Wang; Zhiyong Xiong; Zhonghua Zhang
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Title:  Nature genetics     Volume:  -     ISSN:  1546-1718     ISO Abbreviation:  -     Publication Date:  2011 Aug 
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Created Date:  2011-8-29     Completed Date:  -     Revised Date:  -    
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Institute of Vegetables and Flowers, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (IVF, CAAS), Beijing, China.
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