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The conjugated plasma proteins of the American cockroach. II. Changes during the molting and clotting processes.
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Evidence has been presented for the possible transport function of conjugated roach plasma proteins during molting. Extensive changes in these proteins are evident during the premolt stage. The remainder of the instar appears to be devoted to a gradual return to the intermolt stage. This recovery process is characterized principally by a transformation of less mobile lipoproteins to lipoproteins of higher electrophoretic mobilities and may be indicative of a lipoprotein-lipase reaction in insects. This transformation also appears to give rise to a second sex-specific lipoprotein. Significant changes in the glycoproteins at the premolt and ecdysial stages may indicate transport of carbohydrate for storage or utilization. A total of six fractions has been shown to occur in roach plasma in the period from one molt to the next. The process of clotting appeared to be concerned primarily with the blood lipoproteins. These protein fractions reacted to form two new lipoproteins, one of which was the relatively insoluble coagulum network. The second major protein fraction appearing as a result of the coagulation process also was a lipoprotein which contained a lower concentration of carbohydrate than the clot. A possible method of assaying or screening new anticoagulants for insect blood is proposed.
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Received Day: 23 Month: 7 Year: 1959
Print publication date: Day: 1 Month: 5 Year: 1960
Volume: 43 Issue: 5
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The Conjugated Plasma Proteins of the American Cockroach : II. Changes during the molting and clotting processes
A. N. Siakotos
From Department of Entomology, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.
Dr. Siakotos' present address is Physiology Division, Directorate of Medical Research, Chemical Warfare Laboratories, Army Chemical Center, Maryland

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