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X-ray dosimetry and contact microradiography with color film.
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The effect of x-rays at various voltages and intensities, with monochromatic and polychromatic beams, on Ektachrome daylight and artificial-light film was investigated. The colors were rated according to the Munsell color system and ranged over all the spectrum except red. The color in terms of hue, value, saturation, and chroma was a function of wavelength as well as intensity, and thus the method may be useful in dosimetry as well as in radiography. Microradiographs of metals and wood were remarkable in showing detail not obtainable with conventional black-and-white photographic emulsions.
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Title:  Science (New York, N.Y.)     Volume:  130     ISSN:  0036-8075     ISO Abbreviation:  Science     Publication Date:  1959 Aug 
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Created Date:  1959-12-01     Completed Date:  2000-07-01     Revised Date:  2007-08-17    
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