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Search for extraterrestrial point sources of neutrinos with AMANDA-II.
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We present the results of a search for point sources of high-energy neutrinos in the northern hemisphere using AMANDA-II data collected in the year 2000. Included are flux limits on several active-galactic-nuclei blazars, microquasars, magnetars, and other candidate neutrino sources. A search for excesses above a random background of cosmic-ray-induced atmospheric neutrinos and misreconstructed downgoing cosmic-ray muons reveals no statistically significant neutrino point sources. We show that AMANDA-II has achieved the sensitivity required to probe known TeV gamma-ray sources such as the blazar Markarian 501 in its 1997 flaring state at a level where neutrino and gamma-ray fluxes are equal.
J Ahrens; X Bai; S W Barwick; T Becka; J K Becker; E Bernardini; D Bertrand; F Binon; A Biron; D J Boersma; S Böser; O Botner; A Bouchta; O Bouhali; T Burgess; S Carius; T Castermans; A Chen; D Chirkin; B Collin; J Conrad; J Cooley; D F Cowen; A Davour; C De Clercq; T DeYoung; P Desiati; J P Dewulf; P Ekström; T Feser; T K Gaisser; R Ganugapati; M Gaug; H Geenen; L Gerhardt; A Goldschmidt; A Gross; A Hallgren; F Halzen; K Hanson; R Hardtke; T Harenberg; T Hauschildt; K Helbing; M Hellwig; P Herquet; G C Hill; D Hubert; B Hughey; P O Hulth; K Hultqvist; S Hundertmark; J Jacobsen; A Karle; M Kestel; L Köpke; M Kowalski; K Kuehn; J I Lamoureux; H Leich; M Leuthold; P Lindahl; I Liubarsky; J Madsen; K Mandli; P Marciniewski; H S Matis; C P McParland; T Messarius; Y Minaeva; P Miocinović; R Morse; K Münich; R Nahnhauer; T Neunhöffer; P Niessen; D R Nygren; H Ogelman; Ph Olbrechts; C Pérez de los Heros; A C Pohl; R Porrata; P B Price; G T Przybylski; K Rawlins; E Resconi; W Rhode; M Ribordy; S Richter; J Rodríguez Martino; H G Sander; K Schinarakis; S Schlenstedt; T Schmidt; D Schneider; R Schwarz; A Silvestri; M Solarz; G M Spiczak; C Spiering; M Stamatikos; D Steele; P Steffen; R G Stokstad; K H Sulanke; I Taboada; L Thollander; S Tilav; W Wagner; C Walck; Y R Wang; C H Wiebusch; C Wiedemann; R Wischnewski; H Wissing; K Woschnagg; G Yodh
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Type:  Journal Article     Date:  2004-02-19
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Title:  Physical review letters     Volume:  92     ISSN:  0031-9007     ISO Abbreviation:  Phys. Rev. Lett.     Publication Date:  2004 Feb 
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Created Date:  2004-03-03     Completed Date:  2004-03-23     Revised Date:  -    
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Nlm Unique ID:  0401141     Medline TA:  Phys Rev Lett     Country:  United States    
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Institute of Physics, University of Mainz, Staudinger Weg 7, D-55099 Mainz, Germany.
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