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Rheological properties of mammalian cell culture suspensions: Hybridoma and HeLa cell lines.
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Data on viscous (eta') and elastic (eta'') components of the complex viscosity versus oscillatory angular frequency (0.01 to 4.0 rad/s) with increasing strains were obtained for hybridoma cell (62'D3) and HeLa cell (S3) suspensions in PBS at 0.9 (mL/mL) cell volume fraction using a Weissenberg rheogoniometer equipped with two parallel plate geometry at ambient temperature. Both cell suspensions exhibited shear thinning behavior. From the measured viscoelastic properties, the yield stress was calculated. Hybridoma cell suspension (15 mum as the mean diameter of cells) showed the yield stress at 550 dyne/cm(2) that was 1.8 times higher than the value of HeLa cell suspension (22 mum mean diameter) as measured at the oscillatory angular frequency, 4.0 rad/s. The apparent viscosities of HeLa cell suspension at four concentrations and varying steady shear rate were also determined using the Brookfield rotational viscometer. The yield stress to steady shear test was about 130 dyne/cm(2) for HeLa cell suspension at 0.9 (mL/mL) cell volume fraction. The apparent viscosity was in the range about 1 approximately 1000 Poise depending on the cell concentration and shear rate applied. A modified semiempirical Mooney equation, \documentclass{article}\pagestyle{empty}\begin{document}$ \eta = \eta _0 \exp [K\dot \gamma ;{ - \beta } \phi /(1 - K''\sigma \phi _c /D)] $\end{document} was derived based on the cell concentration, the cell morphology, and the steady shear rate. The beta, shear rate index, was estimated as 0.159 in the range of shear rate, 0.16 to 22.1 s(-1), for the cell volume fractions from 0.6 to 0.9 (mL/mL). In this study, the methods of determining the shear sensitivity and the viscous and the elastic components of mammalian cell suspensions are described under the steady shear field. (c) 1993 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Y Shi; D D Ryu; R Ballica
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Title:  Biotechnology and bioengineering     Volume:  41     ISSN:  0006-3592     ISO Abbreviation:  Biotechnol. Bioeng.     Publication Date:  1993 Mar 
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Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California at Davis, California 95616.
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