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Pectoral fin locomotion in the striped surfperch. II. Scaling swimming kinematics and performance at a gait transition
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In this study, we report the first allometric equations relating gait parameters and swimming speed to body size for fish employing pectoral fin locomotion. Comparisons of locomotor kinematics and performance among striped surfperch (Teleostei: Embiotocidae) are made at the pectoral­caudal gait transition speed (Up-c). Up-c is considered to elicit physiologically equivalent levels of exercise in animals varying over 100-fold in body mass (Mb) by virtue of dynamically similar pectoral fin movements (constant duty factor, length-specific stride length and fin-beat amplitude) and size-independent propulsive efficiency. At Up-c, pectoral fin-beat frequency scales in proportion to Mb-0.12±0.03, a size-dependence consistent with that observed for stride frequency in fishes swimming by axial undulatory propulsion and in many running tetrapods. It is proposed that the similarity in the scaling of frequency in these vertebrate groups reflects an underlying similarity in the allometry of the maximal velocity of muscle shortening. Absolute Up-c (m s-1) generally increases with body size, but the fastest speeds are not exhibited by the largest animals. A pattern of declining performance in fish 23 cm in standard length and longer may be related to their disproportionately small fin areas and aspect ratios. The pronounced negative allometry of Up-c expressed as standard body lengths per second indicates that a given length-specific speed does not induce comparable levels of activity in large and small fish. Thus, normalization of swimming speed to body length may not be a sufficient correction for kinematic comparisons across size.
Drucker; Jensen
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