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Observation of an exotic S = +1 baryon in exclusive photoproduction from the deuteron.
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In an exclusive measurement of the reaction gammad-->K(+)K(-)pn, a narrow peak that can be attributed to an exotic baryon with strangeness S=+1 is seen in the K(+)n invariant mass spectrum. The peak is at 1.542+/-0.005 GeV/c(2) with a measured width of 0.021 GeV/c(2) FWHM, which is largely determined by experimental mass resolution. The statistical significance of the peak is (5.2+/-0.6)sigma. The mass and width of the observed peak are consistent with recent reports of a narrow S=+1 baryon by other experimental groups.
S Stepanyan; K Hicks; D S Carman; E Pasyuk; R A Schumacher; E S Smith; D J Tedeschi; L Todor; G Adams; P Ambrozewicz; E Anciant; M Anghinolfi; B Asavapibhop; G Audit; H Avakian; H Bagdasaryan; J P Ball; S P Barrow; M Battaglieri; K Beard; M Bektasoglu; M Bellis; B L Berman; N Bianchi; A S Biselli; S Boiarinov; S Bouchigny; R Bradford; D Branford; W J Briscoe; W K Brooks; V D Burkert; C Butuceanu; J R Calarco; B Carnahan; S Chen; L Ciciani; P L Cole; A Coleman; D Cords; P Corvisiero; D Crabb; H Crannell; J P Cummings; E De Sanctis; P V Degtyarenko; H Denizli; L Dennis; R De Vita; K V Dharmawardane; K S Dhuga; C Djalali; G E Dodge; D Doughty; P Dragovitsch; M Dugger; S Dytman; O P Dzyubak; H Egiyan; K S Egiyan; L Elouadrhiri; A Empl; P Eugenio; R Fatemi; R J Feuerbach; J Ficenec; T A Forest; H Funsten; M Garçon; G Gavalian; G P Gilfoyle; K L Giovanetti; C I O Gordon; R Gothe; K Griffioen; M Guidal; M Guillo; L Guo; V Gyurjyan; C Hadjidakis; R S Hakobyan; J Hardie; D Heddle; P Heimberg; F W Hersman; R S Hicks; M Holtrop; J Hu; C E Hyde-Wright; M M Ito; D Jenkins; K Joo; H G Juengst; J D Kellie; M Khandaker; K Y Kim; K Kim; W Kim; A Klein; F J Klein; A V Klimenko; M Klusman; M Kossov; L H Kramer; Y Kuang; V Kubarovsky; S E Kuhn; J Kuhn; J Lachniet; D Lawrence; J Li; A Lima; K Livingston; K Lukashin; J J Manak; S McAleer; J W C McNabb; B A Mecking; S Mehrabyan; J J Melone; M D Mestayer; C A Meyer; K Mikhailov; R Minehart; M Mirazita; R Miskimen; V Mokeev; L Morand; S Morrow; V Muccifora; J Mueller; L Y Murphy; G S Mutchler; J Napolitano; R Nasseripour; S Niccolai; G Niculescu; I Niculescu; B B Niczyporuk; R A Niyazov; M Nozar; J O'Brien; G V O'Rielly; A K Opper; M Osipenko; K Park; G Peterson; S A Philips; N Pivnyuk; D Pocanic; O Pogorelko; E Polli; S Pozdniakov; B M Preedom; J W Price; Y Prok; D Protopopescu; L M Qin; B A Raue; G Riccardi; G Ricco; M Ripani; B G Ritchie; F Ronchetti; P Rossi; D Rowntree; P Rubin; F Sabatié; C Salgado; J Santoro; V Sapunenko; V S Serov; Y G Sharabian; J Shaw; S Simionatto; A V Skabelin; L C Smith; D I Sober; I I Strakovsky; A Stavinsky; P Stoler; R Suleiman; M Taiuti; S Taylor; U Thoma; R Thompson; C Tur; M Ungaro; M F Vineyard; A V Vlassov; K Wang; L B Weinstein; H Weller; D P Weygand; C S Whisnant; E Wolin; M H Wood; A Yegneswaran; J Yun;
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Type:  Journal Article     Date:  2003-12-19
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Title:  Physical review letters     Volume:  91     ISSN:  0031-9007     ISO Abbreviation:  Phys. Rev. Lett.     Publication Date:  2003 Dec 
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Created Date:  2004-02-02     Completed Date:  2004-03-02     Revised Date:  -    
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Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Laboratory, Newport News, Virginia 23606, USA and Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia 23529, USA.
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