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Object perception and object-directed reaching in infancy.
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Five-month-old infants were presented with a small object, a larger object, and a background surface arranged in depth so that all were within reaching distance. Patterns of reaching for this display were observed, while spatial and kinetic properties of the display were varied. When the infants reached for the display, they did not reach primarily for the surfaces that were nearer, smaller, or presented in motion. The infants reached, instead, for groups of surfaces that formed a unit that was spatially connected and/or that moved as a whole relative to its surroundings. Infants reached for the nearer of two objects as a distinct unit when the objects were separated in depth or when one object moved relative to the other. They reached for the two objects as a single unit when the objects were adjacent or when they moved together. The reaching patterns provided evidence that the infants organized each display into the kind of units that adults call objects: manipulable units with internal coherence and external boundaries. Infants, like adults, perceived objects by detecting both the spatial arrangements and the relative movements of surfaces in the three-dimensional layout.
C von Hofsten; E S Spelke
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Title:  Journal of experimental psychology. General     Volume:  114     ISSN:  0096-3445     ISO Abbreviation:  J Exp Psychol Gen     Publication Date:  1985 Jun 
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