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Novel X-Linked Genes Revealed by qPCR in the Green Anole, Anolis carolinensis.
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The green anole, Anolis carolinensis (ACA), is the model reptile for a vast array of biological disciplines. It was the first non-avian reptile to have its genome fully sequenced. During the genome project, the XX/XY system of sex chromosomes homologous to chicken chromosome 15 (GGA15) was revealed and 106 X-linked genes were identified. We selected 38 genes located on eight scaffolds in A. carolinensis and having orthologs located on GGA15, then tested their linkage to A. carolinensis X chromosome using comparative quantitative fluorescent real-time PCR applied to male and female genomic DNA.All tested genes appeared to be X-specific and not present on the Y chromosome. Assuming that all genes located on these scaffolds should be localized to the ACA X chromosome, we more than doubled the number of known X-linked genes in A. carolinensis, from 106 to 250. While demonstrating that the gene content of chromosome X in A. carolinensis and GGA15 is largely conserved, we nevertheless showed that numerous interchromosomal rearrangements had occurred since the splitting of the chicken and anole evolutionary lineages. The presence of many ACA X-specific genes localized to distinct contigs indicates that the ACA Y chromosome should be highly degenerated, having lost a large amount of its original gene content during evolution. The identification of novel genes linked to the X chromosome and absent on the Y chromosome in the model lizard species contributes to ongoing research as to the evolution of sex determination in reptiles and provides important information for future comparative and functional genomics.
Michail Rovatsos; Marie Altmanová; Martina Johnson Pokorná; Lukáš Kratochvíl
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