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Neurorespiratory pattern of gill and lung ventilation in the decerebrate spontaneously breathing tadpole.
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A decerebrate, spontaneously breathing tadpole preparation (Taylor-Kollros stages 16-19) was used to test the general hypothesis that the efferent bursting activities of cranial nerves (CN) V, VII and spinal nerve (SN) II are respiratory in nature, and, in particular, to identify separate and specific neural correlates of gill and lung ventilation. Oropharyngeal pressure (POP), intrapulmonary pressure (PIP), electromyogram (EMG) of the buccal levator muscle (interhyoideus), and efferent neural activities of CN V, CN VII and SN II were recorded while the animal was exposed to hyperoxia (100% inspired O2), normoxia (21% inspired O2), and hypoxia (10, 5 and 0% inspired O2). Gill ventilation, indicated by fluctuations in POP at constant PIP, was characterized by high-frequency, low-amplitude bursts of action potentials in CN V and VII and interhyoideus EMG without phasic activity in SN II. Lung breaths, indicated by oscillations in POP and PIP were characterized by large bursts in EMG, CN V and VII together with a large burst in SN II. The amplitude of the moving average of nerve activities associated with lung ventilation was significantly larger than those associated with gill ventilation. During gill ventilation, the burst in CN V led that in CN VII, and both preceded the rise in POP. By contrast, a more synchronous neural burst onset pattern was observed during lung ventilation. The results document the neural, muscular, and mechanical characteristics of gill and lung ventilation in the tadpole, and establish bursting activity in SN II as a specific marker for lung ventilation in the metamorphic tadpole.
M J Gdovin; C S Torgerson; J E Remmers
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Title:  Respiration physiology     Volume:  113     ISSN:  0034-5687     ISO Abbreviation:  Respir Physiol     Publication Date:  1998 Aug 
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Created Date:  1999-03-03     Completed Date:  1999-03-03     Revised Date:  2009-11-11    
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Nlm Unique ID:  0047142     Medline TA:  Respir Physiol     Country:  NETHERLANDS    
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Division of Life Sciences, University of Texas at San Antonio, 78249, USA.
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