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Na(5)Sn(13): A New Zintl Phase with a Complex Network Structure Constructed from Tin Pentagons.
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The compound Na(5)Sn(13) forms in the sodium-tin system in high yield following prolonged reaction of a quenched mixture at 280 degrees C in a Ta container. The compound exhibits a complex three-dimensional structure (29 independent atoms) built mainly of 4-bonded tin atoms in interbonded pentagons (orthorhombic, space group Cmcm (No. 63); a = 8.979(1) Å, b = 19.448(6) Å, c = 50.43(2) Å, Z = 16). According to Zintl-Klemm electron-counting formalisms, the compound has a closed-shell electronic configuration with the number of 3-bonded Sn(-) equal to the number of sodium cations. Property measurements show that the compound is diamagnetic.
J. T. Vaughey; John D. Corbett
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Title:  Inorganic chemistry     Volume:  36     ISSN:  1520-510X     ISO Abbreviation:  Inorg Chem     Publication Date:  1997 Sep 
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Ames Laboratory(1) and Department of Chemistry, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011.
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