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Na, Cl, and water transport by rat ileum in vitro.
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Interrelationships between metabolism, NaCl transport, and water transport have been studied in an in vitro preparation of rat ileum. When glucose is present in the mucosal solution, Na and Cl both appear to be actively transported from mucosa to serosa while water absorption is passive and dependent on net solute transport. Removal of glucose from the mucosal solution or treatment with dinitrophenol, monoiodoacetate, or anoxia inhibits active salt transport and as a result, water absorption is also inhibited. The dependence of water absorption on metabolism can be explained as a secondary effect due to its dependence on active salt transport. The relationship between salt and water transport has been discussed in terms of a model system.
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Title:  The Journal of general physiology     Volume:  43     ISSN:  0022-1295     ISO Abbreviation:  J. Gen. Physiol.     Publication Date:  1960 Jul 
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ISSN: 0022-1295
ISSN: 1540-7748
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Copyright © Copyright, 1960, by The Rockefeller Institute
Received Day: 25 Month: 11 Year: 1959
Print publication date: Day: 1 Month: 7 Year: 1960
Volume: 43 Issue: 6
First Page: 1137 Last Page: 1148
ID: 2195073
PubMed Id: 13813357

Na, Cl, and Water Transport by Rat Ileum in Vitro
Peter F. Curran
From the Biophysical Laboratory, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, and the Institute for Biological Chemistry, the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Dr. Curran's present address is the Biophysical Laboratory, Harvard Medical School, Boston.

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