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Monosynaptic reflex response of spinal motoneurons to graded afferent stimulation.
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Monosynaptic reflex response of spinal motoneurons to graded afferent volleys has been studied in natural populations and in a representative sample of individual motoneurons. By analysis of input-response relations certain of the requirements for initiation of reflex discharge have been defined. Initation of motoneuron discharge by monosynaptic afferent excitatory volleys results from the development of transmitter potentiality among members of a pool. Transmitter potentiality is considered to have the following characteristics: 1. It is a function of the number of active excitatory synaptic knobs, the degree to which such knobs are aggregated on the motoneuron soma, and the intensity of action per knob. 2. It has an appreciable spatial decrement and rapid temporal decay. 3. While transmitter potentiality has considerable dependence on number of active excitatory knobs, proximity of such knobs is an important variable. Total activation of a discrete zone does not appear to be necessary for initiation of discharge. In addition to initiation of discharge, volleys in monosynaptic afferent excitatory fibers facilitate response otherwise engendered. Such facilitation depends upon the production of an increment in transmitter potentiality. Facilitator potentiality has the following characteristics: 1. It depends principally on number of active excitatory synaptic knobs and intensity of action per knob. 2. Facilitatory action may result from synchronous activity in knobs interspersed among aggregations of knobs otherwise activated, thus fulfilling spatial requirements for transmitter potentiality. Alternatively a residual facilitation may result from a generalized action. 3. Residual facilitation has a slow temporal decay in comparison with transmitter potentiality.
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Title:  The Journal of general physiology     Volume:  38     ISSN:  0022-1295     ISO Abbreviation:  J. Gen. Physiol.     Publication Date:  1955 Jul 
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Created Date:  1955-12-01     Completed Date:  2003-05-01     Revised Date:  2010-06-22    
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Journal ID (nlm-ta): J Gen Physiol
ISSN: 0022-1295
ISSN: 1540-7748
Publisher: The Rockefeller University Press
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Copyright © Copyright, 1955, by The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research
Received Day: 2 Month: 3 Year: 1955
Print publication date: Day: 20 Month: 7 Year: 1955
Volume: 38 Issue: 6
First Page: 813 Last Page: 852
ID: 2147507
PubMed Id: 13242766

Carlton C. Hunt
From the Laboratories of The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research

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