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Molecular recognition of NO/NO+ via multicenter (charge-transfer) binding to bridged diarene donors. Effect of structure on the optical transitions and complexation thermodynamics.
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Bridged diarenes form very strong [1:1] complexes with nitrosonium/nitric oxide in which the NO moiety is optimally sandwiched in the cleft between a pair of cofacial aromatic rings which act as a molecular "Venus flytrap". The spectral features of these associates are generally similar to those for [1:1] and [2:1] nitrosonium complexes with mononuclear alkyl-substituted benzenes, and they are appropriately described within the LCAO molecular-orbital methodology and the Mulliken (charge-transfer) formulation of donor/acceptor electronic transitions. The thermodynamics study indicates that the efficient binding is determined by (i) the close matching of the donor/acceptor redox potentials and (ii) the ability of bridged diarenes for multicentered interactions with a single NO moiety. The best fit of the electronic and structural parameters is provided by a calixarene host that allows the interacting centers to be arranged in a manner similar to those extant in [2:1] nitrosonium complexes with analogous (nonbridged) aromatic donors; this results in its very strong noncovalent binding with nitrosonium/nitric oxide with the formation constant of K(B) approximately 10(8) M(-)(1) and free-energy change of -DeltaG degrees = 45 kJ mol(-)(1). Such strong, selective, and reversible bindings of nitrosonium/nitric oxide by (cofacial) aromatic centers thus provide the basis for the development of efficient NO sensors/absorbents and also suggest their potential relevance to biochemical systems.
S V Rosokha; S V Lindeman; R Rathore; J K Kochi
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Title:  The Journal of organic chemistry     Volume:  68     ISSN:  0022-3263     ISO Abbreviation:  J. Org. Chem.     Publication Date:  2003 May 
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Created Date:  2003-05-09     Completed Date:  2003-12-23     Revised Date:  -    
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University of Houston, Chemistry Department, Texas 77204, USA.
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