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Molecular Cloning of Growth Hormone Complementary DNA in Barfin Flounder (Verasper moseri).
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The olive flounder (family Paralichthidae; Paralichthys olivaceus) growth hormone (ofGH) appears to be the most derived among known growth hormones, with the deletion of 14 consecutive amino acids in the carboxy-terminal region. To ascertain if this deletion is common to all flounders, growth hormone complementary DNA of the barfin flounder (bfGH) (family Pleuronectidae; Verasper moseri) has been cloned. It was amplified by polymerase chain reaction using single-strand cDNA from the pituitary gland. Excluding the poly(A) tail, the bfGH cDNA is 919 nucleotides long and contains a 609-bp open reading frame encoding a putative signal peptide of 17 amino acids and a mature protein of 186 amino acids. Northern blot analysis detected 1.0 kb of bfGH messenger RNA in the pituitary gland, which is a reasonable value considering the poly(A) tail. The deduced amino acid sequence of bfGH has 78% identity with the sequence of ofGH. A major difference is the presence of a 14 amino acid segment (140-153) in bfGH, as in other growth hormones, suggesting that this deletion in the olive flounder occurred after the divergence of the Pleuronectoidae.
Peyush; Moriyama; Takahashi; Kawauchi
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Title:  Marine biotechnology (New York, N.Y.)     Volume:  2     ISSN:  1436-2236     ISO Abbreviation:  Mar. Biotechnol.     Publication Date:  2000 Jan 
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Laboratory of Molecular Endocrinology, School of Fisheries Sciences, Kitasato University, Sanriku, Iwate 022-0101, Japan
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