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Microexudates from cells grown in tissue culture.
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Cellular substrata of known molecular structure and measurable dimensions can be constructed as transferred films from Langmuir troughs or as adsorbed films. In addition, large molecules in culture media form measurable adsorbates. With the techniques of ellipsometry and surface chemistry it is possible to characterize and measure (within +/- 3A) as a function of several parameters a microexudate of molecular dimensions deposited when tissue cultured cells contact certain substrata. The selective attraction of substratum and cell for microexudate has been determined, and the time course of deposition in Eagle's medium is characterized by a rapid initial accretion of material. During this period, microexudate can diffuse several cell diameters and cannot be detected in the culture medium. In Eagle's medium the cells cannot be detached from glass surfaces by versene or trypsin unless the surface of cell or substratum is coated with certain molecules. Trypsin becomes adsorbed to cell surfaces, continues to be enzymatically active on the surface, and digests protein components of microexudate and substratum. Microexudate appears to be a complex mosaic of molecules (including protein) synthesized within or on the surfaces of cells and secreted by cells or transferred from their surfaces to specific substrata. It is proposed that this mosaic plays, on the molecular level, a significant role in cell-to-cell interactions, cell locomotion and adhesion, and the selective application and spreading of cells on various surfaces.
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