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Measurement of the total active 8B solar neutrino flux at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory with enhanced neutral current sensitivity.
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The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory has precisely determined the total active (nu(x)) 8B solar neutrino flux without assumptions about the energy dependence of the nu(e) survival probability. The measurements were made with dissolved NaCl in heavy water to enhance the sensitivity and signature for neutral-current interactions. The flux is found to be 5.21 +/- 0.27(stat)+/-0.38(syst) x 10(6) cm(-2) s(-1), in agreement with previous measurements and standard solar models. A global analysis of these and other solar and reactor neutrino results yields Deltam(2)=7.1(+1.2)(-0.6) x 10(-5) eV(2) and theta=32.5(+2.4)(-2.3) degrees. Maximal mixing is rejected at the equivalent of 5.4 standard deviations.
S N Ahmed; A E Anthony; E W Beier; A Bellerive; S D Biller; J Boger; M G Boulay; M G Bowler; T J Bowles; S J Brice; T V Bullard; Y D Chan; M Chen; X Chen; B T Cleveland; G A Cox; X Dai; F Dalnoki-Veress; P J Doe; R S Dosanjh; G Doucas; M R Dragowsky; C A Duba; F A Duncan; M Dunford; J A Dunmore; E D Earle; S R Elliott; H C Evans; G T Ewan; J Farine; H Fergani; F Fleurot; J A Formaggio; M M Fowler; K Frame; B G Fulsom; N Gagnon; K Graham; D R Grant; R L Hahn; J C Hall; A L Hallin; E D Hallman; A S Hamer; W B Handler; C K Hargrove; P J Harvey; R Hazama; K M Heeger; W J Heintzelman; J Heise; R L Helmer; R J Hemingway; A Hime; M A Howe; P Jagam; N A Jelley; J R Klein; M S Kos; A V Krumins; T Kutter; C C M Kyba; H Labranche; R Lange; J Law; I T Lawson; K T Lesko; J R Leslie; I Levine; S Luoma; R MacLellan; S Majerus; H B Mak; J Maneira; A D Marino; N McCauley; A B McDonald; S McGee; G McGregor; C Mifflin; K K S Miknaitis; G G Miller; B A Moffat; C W Nally; B G Nickel; A J Noble; E B Norman; N S Oblath; C E Okada; R W Ollerhead; J L Orrell; S M Oser; C Ouellet; S J M Peeters; A W P Poon; B C Robertson; R G H Robertson; E Rollin; S S E Rosendahl; V L Rusu; M H Schwendener; O Simard; J J Simpson; C J Sims; D Sinclair; P Skensved; M W E Smith; N Starinsky; R G Stokstad; L C Stonehill; R Tafirout; Y Takeuchi; G Tesić; M Thomson; M Thorman; R Van Berg; R G Van de Water; C J Virtue; B L Wall; D Waller; C E Waltham; H Wan Chan Tseung; D L Wark; N West; J B Wilhelmy; J F Wilkerson; J R Wilson; J M Wouters; M Yeh; K Zuber;
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Type:  Journal Article     Date:  2004-05-03
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Title:  Physical review letters     Volume:  92     ISSN:  0031-9007     ISO Abbreviation:  Phys. Rev. Lett.     Publication Date:  2004 May 
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Created Date:  2004-05-31     Completed Date:  2004-06-29     Revised Date:  -    
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Nlm Unique ID:  0401141     Medline TA:  Phys Rev Lett     Country:  United States    
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Department of Physics, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6 Canada.
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