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Infants' localization of sounds in the median vertical plane: estimates of minimum audible angle.
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Infants 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18 months of age were seated in a dark room directly facing an array of nine loudspeakers positioned along the median vertical plane. One loudspeaker was positioned at ear level, 0 degree, and four others each were positioned above and below 0 degree. To examine infants' resolution of auditory space in the median vertical plane we sought to determine the smallest angular shift in the vertical location of a sound that infants could reliably detect (i.e., minimum audible angle). A two-alternative forced-choice procedure was used in which a sequence of white noise bursts was presented initially at 0 degree, and then shifted vertically (i.e., above or below 0 degree) and continued to be presented until the infant made a directional response; correct responses were visually reinforced. The smallest angular shift in vertical location that was reliably detected systematically decreased with increasing age between 6 months (15 degrees) and 18 months (4 degrees), suggesting a finer partitioning of auditory space along the vertical axis over this age range. By 18 months infants' performance matched that of a group of adults tested under the same circumstances.
B A Morrongiello; P T Rocca
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Title:  Journal of experimental child psychology     Volume:  43     ISSN:  0022-0965     ISO Abbreviation:  J Exp Child Psychol     Publication Date:  1987 Apr 
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Created Date:  1987-07-01     Completed Date:  1987-07-01     Revised Date:  2006-11-15    
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