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Identification and functional characterization of imatinib-sensitive DTD1-PDGFRB and CCDC88C-PDGFRB fusion genes in eosinophilia-associated myeloid/lymphoid neoplasms.
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Eosinophilia-associated myeloid neoplasms with rearrangement of chromosome bands 5q31-33 are frequently associated with PDGFRB fusion genes, which are exquisitely sensitive to treatment with imatinib. In search for novel fusion partners of PDGFRB, we analyzed three cases with translocation t(5;20)(q33;p11), t(5;14)(q33;q32), and t(5;17;14)(q33;q11;q32) by 5′-rapid amplification of cDNA ends polymerase chain reaction (5′-RACE-PCR) and DNA-based long-distance inverse PCR (LDI-PCR) with primers derived from PDGFRB. LDI-PCR revealed a fusion between CCDC88C exon 25 and PDGFRB exon 11 in the case with t(5;17;14)(q33;q11;q32) while 5′-RACE-PCR identified fusions between CCDC88C exon 10 and PDGFRB exon 12 and between DTD1 exon 4 and PDGFRB exon 12 in the cases with t(5;14)(q33;q32) and t(5;20)(q33;p11), respectively. The PDGFRB tyrosine-kinase domain is predicted to be retained in all three fusion proteins. The partner proteins contained coiled-coil domains or other domains, which putatively lead to constitutive activation of the PDGFRB fusion protein. In vitro functional analyses confirmed transforming activity and imatinib-sensitivity of the fusion proteins. All three patients achieved rapid and durable complete hematologic remissions on imatinib.
Darko Gosenca; Beate Kellert; Georgia Metzgeroth; Claudia Haferlach; Alice Fabarius; Juliana Schwaab; Michael Kneba; Christof Scheid; Karin Töpelt; Philipp Erben; Torsten Haferlach; Nicholas C P Cross; Wolf-Karsten Hofmann; Wolfgang Seifarth; Andreas Reiter
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Title:  Genes, chromosomes & cancer     Volume:  53     ISSN:  1098-2264     ISO Abbreviation:  Genes Chromosomes Cancer     Publication Date:  2014 May 
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