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Hyperphagia resulting from gut denervation in the sea slug, Pleurobranchaea.
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Previous research suggests that gut distension by ingested bulk plays an important role in the regulation of food intake in gastropod molluscs. The present study tested whether the bilateral stomatogastric nerves which innervate the esophagus and crop in Pleurobranchaea form a neural pathway carrying information about gut distension to the central nervous system. The posterior branches of the paired stomatogastric nerves were surgically exposed and sectioned in seven experimental animals while the nerves were simply exposed and not sectioned in seven sham-operated control animals. In three, subsequent, daily feeding sessions, the experimental subjects consumed a greater amount of food in terms of percentage of body weight than the control subjects. The experimental animals also gained a greater percentage of body weight and later were found to contain much more food within their guts. The results support the hypothesis that stretch receptors which innervate the gut and which have axons in the stomatogastric nerves form an important negative feedback pathway for the control of feeding in the sea slug.
R P Croll; T Albuquerque; L Fitzpatrick
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Title:  Behavioral and neural biology     Volume:  47     ISSN:  0163-1047     ISO Abbreviation:  Behav. Neural Biol.     Publication Date:  1987 Mar 
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