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Experimental and Theoretical Studies on the Fragmentation of Gas-Phase Uranyl-, Neptunyl- and Plutonyl-Diglycolamide Complexes.
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Fragmentation of actinyl(VI) complexes UVIO2(L)22+, NpVIO2(L)22+ and PuVIO2(L)22+ (L = tetramethyl-3-oxa-glutaramide, TMOGA) produced by electrospray ionization was examined in the gas phase by collision induced dissociation (CID) in a quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer. Cleavage of the C-Oether bond was observed for all three complexes, with dominant products being UVIO2(L)(L-86)+ with charge reduction, and NpVIO2(L)(L-101)2+ and PuVIO2(L)(L-101)2+ with charge conservation. The neptunyl and plutonyl complexes also exhibited substantial L+ loss to give pentavalent complexes NpVO2(L)+ and PuVO2(L)+, whereas the uranyl complex did not, consistent with the comparative An 5f-orbital energies and the AnVIO22+/AnVO2+ (An = U, Np, Pu) reduction potentials. CID of NpVO2(L)2+ and PuVO2(L)2+ was dominated by neutral ligand loss to form NpVO2(L)+ and PuVO2(L)+, which hydrated by addition of residual water in the ion trap; UVO2(L)2+ was not observed. Theoretical calculations of the structures and bonding of the AnVIO2(L)22+ complexes using density functional theory reveal that the metal centers are coordinated by six oxygen atoms from two TMOGA ligands.
Yu Gong; Han-Shi Hu; Linfeng Rao; Jun Li; John Knight Gibson
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Title:  The journal of physical chemistry. A     Volume:  -     ISSN:  1520-5215     ISO Abbreviation:  J Phys Chem A     Publication Date:  2013 Sep 
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