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Embryo of an annual fish (Austrolebias charrua) in the last dormancy stage, diapause III.
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Embryo of an annual fish (Austrolebias charrua) in the last dormancy stage, diapause III. The embryo, surrounded by a transparent vitelline envelope, is in the pre-hatching stage. A prominent eye and part of the pigmented body and tail are apparent. Why annual fishes? Annual fishes (Order Cyprinodontiformes) are a special kind of teleost, found in Africa and South America, with developmental strategies closely related to their life cycle. These fishes inhabit temporary pools that undergo drying during summer, when all adults die. The embryos remain buried in the bottom mud and are resistant to desiccation. In the subsequent rainy season they hatch a few hours after the pool is flooded and a new reproductive cycle begins. This developmental pattern is characterized by the presence of a unique stage between cleavage and embryogenesis, dispersion-aggregation of blastomeres and because the embryos show reversible developmental arrests (diapauses) at different stages. Annual fish embryos are transparent, large, hardy and easy to maintain in the laboratory. Adults show continuous production of eggs and juveniles reach sexual maturity a few weeks after hatching (an unusual condition in fishes). Their particular developmental features confer unique opportunities for research on cell behavior during early development, the effect of environmental factors on development, the regulation of diapauses and the mechanisms involved in sex determination, among others topics. Image provided by Nibia Berois, Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay.
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