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Effects of Palmitoyl Carnitine on Perfused Heart and Papillary Muscle.
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BACKGROUND: Palmitoyl carnitine accumulation during ischemia causes profound electrophysiological changes, resulting in arrhythmias. We studied the electrophysiological and contractile effects of palmitoyl carnitine. METHODS AND RESULTS: Extracellular recordings made by using the endocardial unipolar paced evoked response (PER) in isolated perfused rabbit hearts were compared with action potentials (AP) recorded from septal artery perfused rabbit papillary muscle. Left ventricular pressure was monitored in isolated hearts. In perfused hearts palmitoyl carnitine (30 µmol/L, 30 minutes) significantly (P <.001) increased the latency of activation (St-R interval) by 58% +/- 8% and reduced repolarization time (R-E interval) by 39% +/- 4%. PER duration (St-E interval), was reduced by 30% +/- 3%. Palmitoyl carnitine (30 µmol/L) significantly (P <.001) decreased resting membrane potential (19 +/- 2 mV) of AP, reduced peak amplitude (33.5 +/- 8 mV) and rate of rise of phase 0 (41 +/- 8 V/s). Significant reductions (P <.001) in the action potential duration 50% (129.4 +/- 28 ms) and 90% (139.8 +/- 32 ms) were also observed. An initial positive inotropic effect, which declined as irreversible contracture developed, was also observed. Verapamil (1 µmol/L), nifedipine (1 µmol/L), and caffeine (10 mmol/L) failed to abolish the positive inotropy. CONCLUSIONS: We suggest that palmitoyl carnitine disrupts intracellular calcium homeostasis leading to disturbances in electrical and contractile activity. Its accumulation during myocardial ischemia could contribute to calcium overloading and initiate lethal arrhythmias.
Patel; Economides; Byrne
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Title:  Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology and therapeutics     Volume:  4     ISSN:  1940-4034     ISO Abbreviation:  J. Cardiovasc. Pharmacol. Ther.     Publication Date:  1999 Apr 
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Cardiac Electrophysiology Group, Coventry University, Coventry, United Kingdom
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