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Direct and facile synthesis of carbon substituted alkylhydroxy derivatives of cobalt bis(1,2-dicarbollide), versatile building blocks for synthetic purposes.
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Reactions of lithiated cobalt bis(1,2-dicarbollide)(1(-)) anion () in presence of paraformaldehyde, ethylene oxide or trimethylene oxide led to the substitution of at the C-atoms resulting in the high yield formation of monosubstituted alkylhydroxy derivatives [(1-HO(CH(2))(n)-1,2-C(2)B(9)H(10))(1',2'-C(2)B(9)H(11))-3,3'-Co(III)](-) (n = 1-3) isolated as caesium salts (Cs, Cs, Cs) along with disubstituted products of general formulation [(HO(CH(2))(n)-1,2-C(2)B(9)H(10))(2)-3,3'-Co(iii)](-) (n = 1-3) (Cs, Cs and Cs). Disubstituted compounds are in fact a mixture of diastereoisomers denoted as 1,1'-anti(rac-), 1,2'-syn- and in case of Cs and Cs also 1,2-vicinal-isomer, from which only the anti-isomer could be isolated in pure form in case of shorter chain compounds Cs and Cs. All these alkylhydroxy derivatives can serve as versatile precursors for the generation of a variety of functional molecules. Thus, reaction of Me(3)NH with NaH and one equivalent of POCl(3) provided after hydrolysis the phosphorylated [(1-(HO)(2)P(O)OC(3)H(6)-1,2-C(2)B(9)H(10))(1',2'-C(2)B(9)H(11))-3,3'-Co(iii)](-) derivative, isolated in the form of trimethylammonium salt, Me(3)NH as the main product whereas reaction with half of the equivalent produces a high yield of phosphoric acid diester (Me(3)NH)(2) comprising in its structure two cages connected via propyl spacers to the central part. The calcium salt Ca()(2) of bridged ion [μ-(HOP(O)(OC(3)H(6))(2))-(1,2-C(2)B(9)H(10))(2)-3,3'-Co(iii)](-) resulted from reaction of Me(3)NH with NaH and one equivalent of POCl(3) followed by hydrolysis and addition of CaCl(2). All new compounds were characterized by multinuclear NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry and the structure of Me(3)NH and that of the respective salts of the pure anti-stereoisomer of dialkylhydroxy derivatives Cs and Me(3)NH were established by X-ray crystallography.
Bohumír Grüner; Petr Svec; Václav Sícha; Zdeňka Padělková
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Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic, v.v.i., CZ-250 68, Husinec-Řež near Prague 1001, Czech Republic.
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