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Determination of early pregnancy in ewes utilizing transrectal ultrasonography.
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Transrectal ultrasonography was used in ewes to determine the earliest day at which pregnancy could be detected, the number of embryos present, and the pattern of growth of the embryos. Twenty-one ewes were placed with 2 fertile rams and 20 ewes with 2 vasectomized rams. All ewes were treated to synchronize estrus and were observed for estrus twice daily. The 36 ewes that showed synchronized estrus were separated from the rams following mating. Transrectal ultrasonography was performed daily from estrus (Day 0) to Day 25 for all ewes and on Days 30, 35 and 40 post breeding for the 20 ewes mated to fertile rams. A 7.5 MHz transducer (human prostate, linear array) was utilized, with the ewes in dorsal recumbency in a tilting squeeze chute. Extraembryonic fluid and membranes were observed in the uterine horns ipsilateral to corpora lutea by Day 15 post breeding in all 17 ewes subsequently diagnosed as pregnant. Rhythmic pulsations (heartbeat) within the embryonic vesicles were first detected on Day 18 or 19. At least 1 embryo was detected by Day 20 in all the pregnant ewes, but not all the embryos were counted accurately until Day 25 (main effect of day; P < 0.05). Two ewes each had an embryo which died (absence of previously observed heartbeat) by Day 25 or Day 40, respectively, but each maintained the remaining embryos to term. The pattern of embryonic growth, as determined by crown-rump lengths on Days 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40, did not differ with the number of embryos carried (n = 1 to 4). In conclusion, transrectal ultrasonography was found to provide a rapid, accurate means for the early detection of pregnancy in ewes.
F N Schrick; E K Inskeep
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Title:  Theriogenology     Volume:  40     ISSN:  0093-691X     ISO Abbreviation:  Theriogenology     Publication Date:  1993 Aug 
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Division of Animal and Veterinary Science West Virginia University Morgantown, WV 26506, USA.
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