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Detection of metal ions using ion-channel sensor based on self-assembled monolayer of thioctic acid.
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Gold electrodes were chemically modified with thioctic acid monolayer designed to mimic biological ion-channel membranes. The technique was then used in the determination of alkali, alkaline earth, thallium(I), and lanthanum metal cations as analytes. Cyclic voltammograms (CV) of [Fe(CN)6](3-) an electroactive marker, were measured in the presence of the various types of analyte cations. In the absence of the analyte cation, electrostatic repulsion between the marker anions and the carboxylate groups of the receptor monolayer hindered the approach of the marker anion to the electrode surface and hence hindered its reduction. The modified electrodes responded well to the metal cations except the alkali metal cations. The sensors could detect the trivalent cation La(3+) at concentrations as low as 10(-8) M. The response of the sensor to the metal cations increase in the order alkali metal<alkaline earth metal<lanthanum metal. As compared to divalent ions, the trivalent ion, La(3+) can be discriminated in the ratio 1:100. This makes it possible to determine the trivalent ion in a sample matrix containing monovalent and divalent cations. Thallium(I) ion showed marked deviation in its response as compared to monovalent ions of the alkali metals. The ion-channel sensor based on self-assembled monolayer of thioctic acid therefore offers a potential alternative technique for the selective determination of metal ions.
Ruphino Zugle; James Kambo-Dorsa; Victor Patrick Yao Gadzekpo
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Title:  Talanta     Volume:  61     ISSN:  1873-3573     ISO Abbreviation:  Talanta     Publication Date:  2003 Dec 
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Department of chemistry, University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana.
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